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Adam and Eve Ancient Sculpture

In my youth, I had learned that Mormons believed that Adam was God.  Weird.

When I joined the Church at the age of 30, I tried to get the scoop on this doctrine.  I came away from this quest without clarity, but figured it wasn’t all that important and I’d ‘put it on the shelf’ – you know, that shelf that our community likes to put doctrines on that there is confusion about.  Meaning, put it on the shelf and walk away.  Pay no mind, your salvation doesn’t count on it, you don’t need all the answers.  I did that for a couple of years, despite my natural inclinations, for the sake of getting along.

And maybe it doesn’t make a difference to our salvation, but wouldn’t we like to know who our Heavenly Father is?  I would.

Brigham Young became this weird Prophet (how it even made sense to call a guy full of false doctrine a Prophet is beyond me).  The awkward uncle that no one wishes existed. The one person you’d hoped wouldn’t be mentioned by those anti-Mormon people you were tying to have a discussion with.  The guy who, without fail, would be brought up.  Ugh.  What to do with this skeleton in the closet?

While I use to think Brigham Young was the quack, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m now wondering… what if he was the right one?  What if he’s right and the Church is wrong (which clearly teaches that doctrine as false)?  That has to be a possibility, no?  How likely is it that he, being Joseph Smith’s friend and successor, the closest thing to the Prophet who restored our Church, is right?  Now more than ever, I have to give this serious consideration.

Going through my Scriptures today my eyes were caught by a notation I wrote alongside the column.  Growing up as a mainstream Christian, I had associated the name “Ancient of Days” with Jesus Christ – not recognizing any real separation between Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  Some point throughout my conversion while reading Daniel 7:9-14, I had that light bulb moment and realized that Jesus is not the Ancient of Days, but our Father is, which is the notation that I made.

But wait… I recollect that Adam is called the Ancient of Days by the Church.  So I looked up Adam in the Bible Dictionary, and there it is; “Adam is the Ancient of Days” (not to mention DC 27:11 calls Adam the Ancient of Days and Father and Prince of all).  Now compare that with Daniel 7:9 and tell me these are not the attributes of Heavenly Father.

“I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of Days
did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool : his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.”

And who more likely to be the great Patriarch of the human family than that of the Father of our Spirits?  If we are to create worlds and bear spirit children, who more likely to be the ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ of their world, but us?  For Moses 1:34 tells us that ‘Adam’ is not just a name, but a title and an office… “And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many.”  Jesus said he does nothing but what he ‘seeth the Father do’.  

So, if gods and goddesses, it only makes sense to go through all of the experiences and offices of Father and Mother (which Father and Mother?  our Father and Mother).  And no one can convince me that Adam, being the Patriarch of all the inhabitants of the earth, did not achieve godhood (prior to coming to this earth, which explains why he was immortal).  For he was only doing that which he had seen his Father do.

With the understanding that I have right now, I do believe Adam is God.

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  1. It is so interesting to see how the gospel has come into your life and how it has come to your understanding. We are all still learning and we help those who are progressing up the same doctrines that we have learned, while at the same time leaning on those who have learned those doctrines already. This is what you have done. God bless you in your life and path that you walk.

  2. The question is was there more things changed or abandoned? Why did they live things like plural marriage, united order, consecration etc…if it was not necessary? Why would God change his mind, or did he? I am here to testify he didn’t, people did.

    For more information please feel free to contact me at look forward to you questions =)

  3. My searching to understand the teachings of President Young led me eventually to find the Second Book of Commandments. The 2BC shows that there were errors in what President Young was teaching, but he was basically correct. Find and read the pdf file of 2BC excerpts about Adam-God at this site: If you question that God would call a Prophet of Israel independent of His Gentile church leaders, consider reading this:

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