A Pantheon of Gods?

Psalm 82:1  {LEB}
“God [Elohim] stands in the divine assembly;
he administers judgment in the midst of the gods [Elohim].”

Hebrew grammar shows that the second instance of “Elohim” in Psalm 82:1 is plural.  The God of the Old Testament was part of an assembly/pantheon of other gods.

This should indeed be paradigm-shifting for the mainstream Christian, at least those willing to study with a critical eye.  The general belief in Christendom is that any other ‘god’ referenced in the Bible is an idol or ‘false’ god.  But the God of Israel would not be part of a group of idols!

What else could we discover when we are willing to put biblical text ahead of tradition?  I don’t know about you, but I want God, not my idea of God.

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